Thai Language Thai consonant/vowel flashcards

Here are some printable flashcards that can help you learn the Thai consonants and vowels. The flashcards have just the consonant/vowel on one side, and complete information on the other side.

Consonant Flashcards

For each consonant, the flashcards include:
  • Thai script consonant, on ledger lines
  • 8 really useful font samples of that consonant
  • Thai consonant name
  • Consonant name, written in the pronunciation guide of your choice.
  • English translation of consonant name
  • A picture of what the consonant name represents
  • Mid/High/Low indicator: each consonant belongs to one group
Sample Consonant Flashcard

Vowel Flashcards

For each vowel, the flashcards include:
  • Thai script of vowel in context with a placeholder consonant ()
  • 8 really useful font samples of that vowel
  • Vowel sound, written in the pronunciation guide of your choice.
  • Quick memory aid for what that vowel sounds like
  • Long/Short indicator (see vowel page
  • Live/Dead indicator: tells you whether a syllable ending in this consonant is live or dead (used for the Thai tone rules)
Sample Vowel Flashcard

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คุณ เก็บ เสื้อ ไว้ ไหน
Paiboon+Used in all recent Paiboon titles[kun-gèp-sʉ̂ʉa-wái-nǎi]
PaiboonBenjawan Poomsan Becker's Thai for Beginners[kun-gèp-sʉ̂a-wái-nǎi]
Easy ThaiSpells out each syllable using simple Thai[คุนM-เก็บL-เซื่อF-ไว้H-ไหฺนR]
TLCFrom the fantastic[khoonM-gepL-seuuaF-waiH-naiR]
TigerThai learning books from Tiger Press[koon-gèp-sûea-wái-nǎi]
HaasMary Haas (adopted by AUA, US Peace Corps)[ˈkhun ˈkèp ˈsʉ̂a ˈwáy ˈnǎy]
IPAInternational Phonetic Alphabet: nerds love it[ˈkʰun ˈkèp ˈsɯ̂ːa ˈwáj ˈnǎj]
ALA-LCALA / US Library of Congress[khunM-kepL-sư̄aF-waiH-naiR]
TYTTeach Yourself Thai by David Smyth[ˈkOOn ˈgèp ˈsêu-a ˈwái ˈnǎi]
LPSystem from the Lonely Planet guidebooks[khun-kèp-sêua-wái-nǎi]
Thai Govt+Lame system used for Thai road signs + tones[khun-kèp-sûea-wái-nǎi]

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