Thai Language Other Websites for Learning Thai

Other Websites for Learning Thai

Last Update: May 2015.

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On this page you will find a list of other websites that also help you learn Thai.

If you have or know another website that would be good for this page, please let me know.

Started by Glenn Slayden in the late 90s, the still-advertising-free hosts a stunning array of helpful pages:

TLC allows you to choose your preferred pronunciation guide for Thai words, just like we do.

Women Learning Thai (and some men too)

Interesting blog by Catherine Wentworth with links to cheat sheets, anthems and poems decoded, interviews with successful Thai learners, cultiral blog entries, and a good summary of other Thai-language sites and resources.

Most interestingly, includes:

The mother of all lists of free Thai learning resources

Thai 101 Blog

Rikker Dockum created the Thai 101 blog, which has lots of fun tidbits about the Thai language, including explanations of Thai Puns and other wordgames, reviews of Thai movies, more serious posts about the Royal Institute dictionary and its (lack of) progress on the web, as well as posts on advanced linguistic topics such as historical Thai.

Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Language Courses

There are a series of public-domain Thai (and Lao and Cambodian and ...) language courses, created by the US Government in 1970 but apparently still quite useful, that include not only extensive written material but also audio material.

These courses have taken on new life by the efforts of a fearless volunteer Glen D. Fellows, who digitized them onto in 2006, and then, when that website fell away, continued by another group of fearless volunteers including Rikker Dockum of Thai 101 and Catherine Wentworth of Women Learning Thai at:

After that work was published, there began a collaborative volunteer effort to add real Thai script to the materials (which currently only use romanized Thai), and to separate out the sound recordings into the individual dialogs and lessons that they go with. Rikker and Catherine are looking for volunteers to "help type out some of the Thai, proofread some of the English, or format some wiki pages." For the latest fruits of that labor, see:

For more information, see this post and this post. Expat Forums

There's a pretty good Thai Language Forum on the venerable expat forum, including some long, helpful pinned threads at the top with learning resources.

The Paknam-iverse

The Paknam Web Network, a gigantic, interlinked network of "family-friendly websites about Thailand" created by Richard Barrow, includes several sites useful to language learners: