Silliness Logistics

They say the Eskimos have many words for snow but not too many words for swamp cooler.

I'm not sure if it's true, but it's certain that the same principle applies to logistics in Thailand. Here is a sign I spotted along the highway between Chiang Mai and Mae Taeng in Northern Thailand:

Logistics in Thailand

That sign pretty much says it all.

Thailand is a wonderful, laid-back, fun place, but if there's one thing Thailand's not good at, it's logistics. If you want a train to arrive on time, or the workers building your house to buy the right amount of materials and tell you when they'll finish, or the power company to deliver the 30amp 240volt service you ordered, or your wife or girlfriend to tell you about how much the family will spend this year, I'm afraid you're out of luck.

Perhaps that explains why it takes a 56-Thai-letter phrase to even name the beast, let alone a set of very large parentheses which seem to suggest "Logistics (or something, um, sorta like that, er, thingmy, whatever it is)."

However, while you're waiting for your train to arrive several hours late, you can eat some amazingly tasty desserts being sold by hawkers carrying baskets full of snacks suspended from bamboo poles over their shoulders. Even though your house's roof still isn't finished, and your deck was made from 1/2inch thick concrete that is liable to crack at any minute, your Thai family will still be able to perform the auspicious monk blessing ceremonies and throw a smashing housewarming party for 50 friends and neighbors. Your power may dip down to 98 volts every time your neighbor takes a hot shower, and shut off completely every time it rains, but your family hardly notices as they whip out the candles in mid-sentence and prepare the same propane-stove or coal-pot meals their ancestors have been making for centures. And even though your life savings may run out at any moment, at least you're living life rather than riding out the dreary living death that you had in the cubicled office back home.

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