Since 1999, I have traveled quite a bit in Thailand and Laos. On this page you can check out my travel journals, which focus on people and customs that I found interesting. Some entries include pictures too. If you want to get any sort of general overview of the countries, read the Lonely Planet or a coffee table book.

Since December 2003, I have been living in a wonderful countryside town called Pai in the mountains of northern Thailand. You can find lots of information about Pai, with lots of pictures, at another site of mine,

2/15/99-4/16/99: First Trip

  • 2/15/99: Bangkok and Ayuthaya
    • Grand Palace, Wat Po
    • Markets and Tuk Tuks
    • AUA Thai Language Course
    • Ayuthaya Ruins
    • General Bangkok/Thailand Observations

  • 2/22/99: Northeast Thailand
    • Bpaak Choong
    • Kao Yai National Forest
    • Cool Guesthouse in Nang Rong
    • Phanom Rung Khmer Ruins
    • Meung Tam Khmer Ruins
    • Khon Kaen
    • Nong Khai (part 1)

  • 3/4/99: Lao
    • Lao is Laos
    • Vientiane, Capital City
    • Kip: Crazy Currency
    • Vang Vieng
    • Transportation Found Lacking...But Entertaining
    • Luang Prabang
    • The Mischievous Monk
    • Lao Aviation

  • 3/13/99: Nong Khai and Chiang Mai
    • Nong Khai (part 2): Kaen, Wat Khaek
    • Sick in Thailand: Thai Hospitals!
    • Chiang Mai: Tourist Town
    • Lots o Wats
    • Cooking School
    • Chiang Mai Zoo
    • Thai Massage

  • 3/23/99: Chiang Mai Trek
    • Lahu Village
    • Lisu Village
    • Bamboo River Rafting
    • Elephant Riding

  • 3/26/99: Beaches and Diving
    • Khao Lak Beach
    • Similan Islands Diving

  • 4/4/99: Phang-Nga Bay, Kao Sok National Forest
    • Phang-Nga Bay: Up and Coming Tourist Town
    • Immigration Office Adventure.
    • Ko Panyi: Thai Muslim Fishing Village
    • Takua Pa
    • Khao Sok: Tropical Forest

  • 4/8/99: Bangkok and Songkran: The Final Frontier
    • Meeting Friends
    • Songkran: Thai New Year is a Water Fight!
    • Khlong Bang Noi Canal in Bangkok
    • Muay Thai: Thai Kickboxing
    • Back to Bpaak Choong
    • Farangs Play Songkran

12/26/99-3/16/00: Third Trip

  • 12/26/99: Bangkok, Family, and Kanchanaburi
    • New Year's in Bangkok at the Oriental Hotel
    • Visiting Nang's family in North-East Thailand
    • Kanchanaburi: River Kwai Bridge
    • Sangkhlaburi: Much nicer
    • Visiting students at Chulalunkorn University

  • 1/23/00: Beaches and Parks in the South
    • Krabi: beach, snorkeling
    • Hot springs
    • Cool blue pools
    • Ko Muk: Emerald cave
    • Ko Kradan, Ko Cheuak, Ko Libong: snorkelling and mangrove forests
    • Haad Chao Mai national park
    • Thale Noi wildlife sanctuary
    • Cave: Tham Talay
    • Rafflesia (Bua Puut) flower: biggest in the world
    • Khao Sok national park: rainforest hikes, underwater cave

  • 2/9/00: Damnoen, Bangkok, Pak Chong
    • Baiyoke Tower in Bangkok
    • Floating Market in Damnoen Saduak
    • Poetry reading at "About Cafe"
    • Chatuchak Park, Market
    • BOI Fair
    • Pak Chong Rock Concert: Loso
    • Happy Trails Guesthouse

  • 2/17/00: Back in Bangkok
    • Ayuthaya, Bang Pa-In
    • Bangkok cabs and the power of commission

1/8/03-4/21/03: Fifth Trip

  • 1/8/2003-1/15/2003: Bangkok and Nong Khai
    • Lao visa adventure
    • Khao San in the movies
    • Flight, Train to Nong Khai
    • Phantawee—The Laminate Paradise
    • Park with cave paintings, temple of the rich monk

  • 1/16/2003-1/23/2003: Vientiane to Luang Prabang
    • Buddha Park
    • Impromptu English Teaching
    • Vang Vieng Lonely Planet moment
    • Baloon popping game
    • Inner tubing downriver
    • Minibus from hell
    • Luang Prabang under construction
    • Honking Bird
    • Lao Lessons

  • 1/24/2003-1/31/2003: Luang Prabang
    • Tom Sawyer experience: rope swing over Kuang Si waterfall
    • Royal Theater Dance Show
    • Hill tribe trek and kayaking
    • Random ride

  • 2/1/2003-2/11/2003: Up the Nam Ou River
    • Smooth travel by slow boat
    • Nong Khiao - blessed guesthouse
    • Meuang Ngoi - mama Juum, treks, caves, UXO, village temptress
    • Meuang Kwaa - village on a hill
    • Phongsali - beautiful ugly town, "Student" guides, long Akha/Puu Noi hill tribe trek
    • Phongsali - banks, museums, schools and other government-run comedy

  • 2/12/2003-2/14/2003: Innards of Lao
    • 11 hour overland journey in 14 hours
    • Udomxai - "Hey, we're in Delaware"
    • Pakbeng local color: drugs, scams, and business as usual

  • 2/15/2003-2/26/2003: Chiang Khong and Nan Province
    • Chiang Khong's Bamboo Riverside - chillin' with Thai hippies
    • Nan - no tourists
    • Doi Phu Kha - relax in the cool mountain village, ride to views
    • Pii Dtong Luang (Mabri) tribe - just me and the missionary

  • 2/27/2003-3/12/2003: Chiang Mai and Pai
    • Chiang Mai - visit happy expat who escaped the grind, Tha Phae market
    • Pai - the Yawning Fields, musicians, adopted hill tribe
    • Does your dog bite?

  • 3/13/2003-4/8/2003: Favors and Culture
    • Webmonkeying in Nang Rong
    • Brochure, Poster for Honey Inn
    • Printing in Bangkok
    • Amazing Desperation, Amazing Generosity
    • Nam Jai, Gadtanyuu, Greng Jai and Other Thai Mysteries
    • Thai and Western Culture Clashes
    • Phanom Rung Festival with Pictures (don't get used to it)

  • 4/9/2003-4/21/2003: Ko Lanta
    • Loud Beach, Louder Beach
    • Last Beach
    • Songkran

12/2/03-12/20/03: Sixth Trip

12/20/03-?: Pai

  • Pai
    • Living Long Term in Pai
    • Lots of pictures
    • My House in the Village
    • Novice Monk Initiation
    • Temples, Music, and Sunsets

08/13/05-10/11/05: Pai Floods of 2005

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